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Cookie Policy

This website uses Cookies and similar technologies to ensure the proper function of the procedures and improve the experience of online applications use. Hereafter you will find information on the use of Cookies and similar technologies as well as their management.
Cookies are small text files (letters and/or numbers) allowing the web server to store information on the client (the browser). The information can be used during the website visit (session Cookies) or later (persistent Cookies). According to the user’s preference, Cookies are stored from the browser on the selected device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Types of Cookies

There are several Cookies, according to their features and functions:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: they are essential for the proper use of the website. They are used for the login and access to web restricted areas.
Analytical Cookies: they are used to collect and analyze website’s traffic and its anonymous use. Without identifying the user, they allow detecting the user’s return to the website at different times. They additionally enable the system’s monitoring and the improvement of its performance and usability. Cookies can be disabled without any loss of functionality.
Profiling Cookies: they are used to identify (either anonymously and not) user’s preferences and to improve his/her navigation’s experience. This website does not use this type of Cookies.

Google Analytics

The website additionally includes some elements transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Also, in this case, third parties Cookies are collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the website’s performance (Performance Cookies).

Google Analytics uses “Cookies” to collect and analyze information on the user’s web behavior anonymously (including the user’s IP address). This information is collected and processed by Google Analytics with the purpose of drawing a report addressed to the webmasters concerning the website’s activities.

This website does not use (and forbid others to use) Google analytics’ tools to track or collect personal identifiable information. Google does not associate user’s IP address with any other data held by Google neither seeks to link an IP address with the user’s identity. Google can communicate information to third parties when required by law or when this information is processed by third parties on behalf of Google.

For additional details please refer to the following link:

The user can disable Google Analytics’ action installing on her/his own browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To proceed accordingly, please refer to the following link:

Cookies’ duration

Some Cookies (“session Cookies”) are active just during the consultation. Other Cookies “survive” after the browser’s closure and are still available on the occasion of following user’s web visits. These Cookies are called “persistent”. Their duration is fixed by the server once they are created. There may be a fixed deadline or an unlimited.

Cookies’ management

The user may decide either to accept or refuse Cookies using her/his own browser settings.

Warning: disabling all or part of the technical Cookies the user may compromise the functionality of the websites.

The disablement of “third parties” Cookies does not affect the website’s experience.

The setting can be specifically defined for websites and web applications. Some browsers allow the user to define different settings for “owner” Cookies and for “third parties” Cookies.

For example, in Firefox, through Tools-> Options -> Privacy, the user can access a control panel where she/he can define whether to accept or refuse the different types of Cookies and proceed accordingly.

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